Children’s clothes sent right to your door? Yes please!

I found a total game changer for my children’s clothing! As I’m sure this is no shock to any mothers out there, but I rarely find the time to get out and go shopping for Savannah’s clothing. Aside from my online love affair with Amazon prime, the only shopping I find the time to do is a rushed trip through the grocery store. When I read about this company I immediately fell in love! Their values are all around giving moms back the time to spend with their families! They want to take one thing of mom’s shoulders to make life easier for them and what mother doesn’t value a company like that! At Mac and Mia you have your own stylist and they personalize a box of different mix and match outfits just for your little ones! You pay a $20 styling fee, no shipping costs, and you only pay for the items you keep, the rest you send back! It’s so convenient and fun for both mom and her littles! It’s like Christmas every time a box comes! I loved this company so much and truly believed in their values that I became a stylist there too! I want to spread the love and the great experience with other moms, giving them more time back with their loved ones! Go check it out: Mac and Miabox-photo-1

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