be here now

be here now.001

Simply put… be present in your “now” regardless of how simple the moment is. From the moment Tutz gets off the bus, watching her walk excitedly up the driveway, come in and rummage through her back pack to show us her recently made artwork, to the moment she’s fast asleep on her pillow cuddled up in bed. After so many years of everything and everyone moving so quickly, multi-tasking to the point of complete overwhelmed insanity, living the “human race” we all innocently know so well. I’ve come to greatly appreciate the “slowness” of things. Yes, sometimes it takes almost a daily reminder, but it is incredibly worth it. I will go for a walk, sit on the porch and enjoy the sound of the trees and the sun beating on my skin, yoga, meditation, simply looking around when surrounded by your loved ones to just simply appreciate the moment and all that you have. To not wait until it is too late to appreciate the simplest of things. To simply… be here now.

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