Drink this every morning

9716I started forcing down ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) about 6 months ago every morning before work, I had originally tried drinking it with honey and pineapple juice, this was just not for me! Instead I prepare 2 tbs of ACV with apple juice and a dash of cinnamon. Now I actually enjoy it instead of gagging it down each morning while Tutz would laugh at my disgusted faces as I’d try to force it down. I typically prepare the mason jars on Sunday for the whole week. That way it becomes part of my daily routine as I drink it right when I get out of bed before my coffee in the morning. I started it mainly for the weight loss benefits, but continued taking it because of how it makes me feel. It’s one of the oldest remedies out there and has health benefits like: lowering blood pressure, improving heart health, accelerates weight loss, helps the digestive system, not to mention great for your hair. I figured with this many health benefits, I’ll give it a whirl! These are only a few of the many benefits to drinking this little concoction every morning. Try it out!



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