Confession of a 5 year old

As I’m brushing Tutz’s hair the other morning, I could tell she was deep in thought about something. I watched her poke at her cereal with her spoon as she pondered over what must have been a very consuming thought. After a bit, while still looking down, she said to me in her sad, concerned little voice, “I think I’m going to be on Santa’s naughty list this year.” My mind immediately started racing with all of the possibilities of what this little 5 year old girl is capable of, but would she? No, no, no you don’t know anything yet, stay optimistic and just let her speak. I tried wiping my mind clear of any horrible thoughts and said in a calm, soft voice, “what did you do?” Her head sank lower and her voice cracked a bit as she guiltily replied, “I tried to trick the tooth fairy and put a rock under my pillow.” It took everything inside of me to not burst out laughing. At that moment, my heart melted a bit being reminded how big this little girls’ heart truly is and the guilt that she felt obligated to get off her chest and come clean. I had to give her props for her creativity, as the rock she had chosen was extremely convincing.

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