5 minutes of prep for “smoother” weekday mornings

Lets be real here, what parent actually sits down to relax and enjoy a nice calm, quiet and wholesome breakfast before work in the morning.  For those of you that have figured out how to master this, well my hats off to you. However, if your mornings are more like mine, a typical morning in your household most likely looks a bit like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. There’s rushing, begging, compromising (bribing, lets just call it what it is ladies), and chasing. It’s complete chaos up until that final moment where they step foot onto that bus and you let out a sigh of relief, you’ve successfully done your job for the morning. Amidst the running and screaming, you most likely didn’t have time to whip up a nice egg white veggie omelette for yourself. That is why I started taking 5-10 minutes on Sunday evenings to chop and freeze my premixed smoothies for the week! Sipping on these on my way to work also helps me get in a couple servings of my fruits/veggies for the day too! I’ll usually get a combination bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries and mix with almond milk and protein powder. I’ll portion them all out in 5 freezer bags and toss em in the freezer! That way, come Monday morning while shes scarfing down her cereal, as I’m leaning over her toothbrush hanging out of my mouth, hair not done, quizzing her on vocab words, struggling to get her hat and boots on as the bus honks outside…. at least my blender is taking one thing off my list this morning;)23999


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