Evil Stepmother

Mother (moth-er) by definition is “to bring up (a child) with care and affection” or “give birth to.” According to Webster,  I’d fall into the first definition as I didn’t give birth to the amazing little girl I’m raising. For all of those stepmothers and stepfathers out there…..my hats off to you! I am a newbie at the step parent role if you hadn’t guessed. It’s quite crazy really, to become a mother overnight (in a sense). No 9 months of preparing, crib shopping, painting the baby’s room, just BAM! You’re a parent! Well…. step parent, which I am sure I will continue to be reminded of.   The scariest part of parenthood is that something as critical and influential as raising another human being, has no correct or incorrect way! Granted, there are of course guidelines, tips, recommendations, etc. but no “The Correct Way to Raise a Child” handbook, it’s all based on opinions. Everyone says “just take it day by day,” or “you’ll continue to learn as you go,” or my personal favorite… “none of us really know what were doing.” Yet, somehow it all seems to work out (well most of the time).  Are there days I feel like I’ve got my “super mommy” cape on, absolutely. Then there are also days you’ll most likely find me hiding with a glass of wine basking in my mommy adult time whispering to myself  like a crazy person: “you can do this!”  However, there will always be those powerful, four little words that twist that dagger ever so slightly each time…. “you’re not my mama.”  Nevertheless,  I will continue to take it day by day, to learn as I go and continue to not know what I’m doing, step mother or not. Depositphotos_57108455_m-2015

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